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What’s NOT allowed:

  • No children, 21+ only!

  • No firearms, explosives, or weapons of any kind

  • No outside beverages of any kind (alcohol or non-alcohol)

  • No drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • No Illegal or illicit substances of any kind

  • No coolers, thermoses, or glass containers

  • No wagons, skateboards, segways, or scooters

  • No tents, high back chairs, or large umbrellas

  • No drones, or remote flying devices

  • No signs, flags on sticks, or poles

  • No bad attitudes!

What’s IS allowed:

  • Small bags and backpacks

  • Small dogs on leashes

  • Blankets, sheets, and towels

  • Low back chairs and small umbrellas

  • Sealed sunscreen

  • Having a good time!