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General Questions

Q.  Why are you using RFID wristbands?

This RFID wristband makes it easier for you to enjoy the festival by decreasing wait times and allowing you to leave your wallet at home. No more fumbling for change, or having to go to remote locations to buy more tokens. Just link your card or  pre-load money onto your account and you’re set for the duration of the event!


Q. Will the wristband radio frequency interfere with my other cards such as credit cards?

There are multiple layers of security with chip cards so it would never card clash with another chip card or contactless card.


Q.  I’m a techie, I want to know how this technology works!

The platform is run on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  RFID is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves. RFID is designed to enable readers to capture data on tags and transmit it to a computer system, without the need for physical contact.  The RFID tag includes a small RF transmitter and receiver. An RFID reader transmits an encoded radio signal to identify the tag. The tag receives the message and responds with its identification information.


Q.  How secure is it?

The  System is ‘bank-certified’ (Common Criteria EAL3+ for those that care to know!). All data is encrypted with a minimum of 256 bit.  Additionally, no information is stored on the wristband!  


Q.  How do I register or link my wristband?

Go to 

Step 1:  Look for the UID Code behind your wristband

Step 2:  Enter your name and email address (so we can send receipts) 

Step 3:  Enter your credit card you want to link.  Your card WILL NOT BE CHARGED unless you make a purchase on-site

Step 4:  Click FINISH


Once your account is created and your festival wristband is linked – you are all set to go!



Q.  I don’t have my wristband, but I have a ticket number. How do I register this?

You have to turn in your ticket for a wristband


Q.  Can I de-activate a wristband from my account?

If for some reason you choose to de-activate a wristband, you will not be able to link that wristband to another account. You will be required to visit one of the Customer Service areas at Tampa Bay Margarita FEstival, bring your old wristband and activate a new one. 


Q.  Can lost or stolen RFID wristbands be tracked?

If one is lost or stolen it is simply cancelled and another RFID wristband is issued, so they don’t need to be tracked. All the customer data is stored in our secure servers, not on the RFID wristband. In order to transfer your remaining balance to the new wristband, you must have previously loaded credit onto your registered account. If you never created an account and linked your old wristband, there is no way for us to retrieve your remaining balance and transfer it to the new wristband.  So make sure to create an account and link your wristband to it!


Q.  Can I share my wristband with a friend?

No, each tag is associated with an individual guest.


Q.  Can I link multiple wristbands to the same Credit Card?

Of course!  Just use the same card when you link it. 

Q. Who else (other than myself) will have access to my account details?

Nobody will ever have access to your account details and login other than you. If you lose your wristband and you have not created an account and linked your wristband to it, then you won’t be able to retrieve the remaining Festival Dollar balance.  Please set up your account and link your wristband to avoid any disappointment.




Why Cashless?




Q.  What is ‘cashless’ payment and how does it work?

Cashless payment systems operate in a similar manner to credit cards, debit cards, and transit cards.  Once you’ve loaded credit to your account, the information is stored in an event database. The RFID wristband linked to your account will be used as a key to access the event database through a simple tap of your wristband at any vendor stand equipped with a reader.


The first wristband tap opens the transaction for you to place your order. You will be required to use the same wristband to tap a second time to confirm and conclude your purchase. The order amount will automatically be deducted from your account – and all from your wristband, no wallets required!


Q.  How does cashless payment benefit me?

Cashless payment technology offers many benefits including:

Faster transaction times;  Reduced wait time and line-ups;  Added convenience of not having to carry around your wallet or tokens in case of theft or loss....  All leading to an awesome, more enjoyable experience!

Q.  What form of payment do you accept ?

You can link all major cards, including  Visa, MasterCard, Dicover and American Express are accepted.


CASH payments must be made at the Festival



Q.  How do I pay using my wristband?

Step 1:  Tap your wristband onto the reader to open the transaction. You will be shown your starting balance on the reader display.

Step 2:  Place your order with the vendor. The reader display will show each item ordered.

Step 3: The total value of the transaction or ‘basket’ will be displayed.

Step 4:  Tap your wristband once again to confirm and complete the transaction. The reader light will turn green, which means your transaction is successful. Your card will then be charged that amount. 


Q. Is there a limit on how much I can spend in one transaction?

You can purchase as many items in one transaction as you like – as long as your card allows it. 


Q.  Is it possible for my wristband to be charged more than once for a single purchase?

No, this is not possible. The point of sale device can only carry out a single transaction at a time.  Also, the wristband that is used to open the transaction must also be the same wristband used to close the transaction. Trying to use someone else’s wristband once the transaction is open will result in an error.


Q.  Will I receive a receipt for the on-site purchases that I make?

You will also receive an email each time a purchase is made.  


Q.  IF USING CASH, What happens if I don’t use all the money that I loaded onto the account?

At the conclusion of Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, you can get your cash refunds at Customer Service.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUND FEES! 


Q.  What if I am selling my ticket and have already created and uploaded credit onto my account?

Unfortunately you cannot remove credit from the account once it is added. What you have to do is de-activate the wristband.  The new holder of the deactivated wristband would have to visit customer service to pick up a new one in order to use the cashless payments system.  If you don’t de-activate the wristband and sell it, the new owner can use your card. 

Q.  What is the deadline to apply for a cash refund?

You must request refund before you leave the festival 

Q.  I have linked my wristband but I am having problems topping up online.

Make sure you are using a valid credit card or PayPal account and have completed all fields marked with an *.


Still have questions or troubleshooting issues?


Please e-mail and provide the following information:

Full registered name

Wristband number(s)

What action you are trying to take (topping up, registering, etc.)

Where the problem appears (e-mail, login screen, external payment site, etc.)

What the exact error message is

Transaction number (if applicable)


If you have questions on-site at the festival, please speak with a representative at Customer Service

Not sure how to make your first purchase? No worries – go to any vendor stand and a staff member will help you make your first cashless purchase!






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